Enum MirSubpixelArrangement

Enum Documentation

enum MirSubpixelArrangement

Physical arrangement of subpixels on the physical output.

This is always relative to the “natural” orientation of the display - mir_orientation_normal.


enumerator mir_subpixel_arrangement_unknown

Arrangement of subpixels cannot be determined.

enumerator mir_subpixel_arrangement_horizontal_rgb

Subpixels are arranged horizontally, R, G, B from left to right.

enumerator mir_subpixel_arrangement_horizontal_bgr

Subpixels are arranged horizontally, B, G, R from left to right.

enumerator mir_subpixel_arrangement_vertical_rgb

Subpixels are arranged vertically, R, G, B from top to bottom.

enumerator mir_subpixel_arrangement_vertical_bgr

Subpixels are arranged vertically, B, G, R from top to bottom.

enumerator mir_subpixel_arrangement_none

Device does not have regular subpixels.