Class Window

Class Documentation

class Window

Handle class to manage a Mir surface. It may be null (e.g. default initialized)

Unnamed Group

void resize(mir::geometry::Size const &size)

Not for external use, use WindowManagerTools::modify_window() instead.

void move_to(mir::geometry::Point top_left)

Public Functions

Window(Application const &application, std::shared_ptr<mir::scene::Surface> const &surface)
auto top_left() const -> mir::geometry::Point

The position of the top-left corner of the window frame.

auto size() const -> mir::geometry::Size

The size of the window frame. Units are logical screen coordinates (not necessarily device pixels). Any decorations are included in the size.

auto application() const -> Application

The application that created this window.

operator bool() const

Indicates that the Window isn’t null.