Enum MirDepthLayer

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enum MirDepthLayer

Depth layer controls Z ordering of surfaces.

A surface will always appear on top of surfaces with a lower depth layer, and below those with a higher one. A depth layer can be converted to a number with mir::mir_depth_layer_get_index(). This is useful for creating a list indexed by depth layer, or comparing the height of two layers.


enumerator mir_depth_layer_background

For desktop backgrounds and alike (lowest layer)

enumerator mir_depth_layer_below

For panels or other controls/decorations below normal windows.

enumerator mir_depth_layer_application

For normal application windows.

enumerator mir_depth_layer_always_on_top

For always-on-top application windows.

enumerator mir_depth_layer_above

For panels or notifications that want to be above normal windows.

enumerator mir_depth_layer_overlay

For overlays such as lock screens (heighest layer)