Enum MirPixelFormat

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enum MirPixelFormat

32-bit pixel formats (8888): The order of components in the enum matches the order of the components as they would be written in an integer representing a pixel value of that format.

For example; abgr_8888 should be coded as 0xAABBGGRR, which will end up as R,G,B,A in memory on a little endian system, and as A,B,G,R on a big endian system.

24-bit pixel formats (888): These are in literal byte order, regardless of CPU architecture it’s always the same. Writing these 3-byte pixels is typically slower than other formats but uses less memory than 32-bit and is endian-independent.

16-bit pixel formats (565/5551/4444): Always interpreted as one 16-bit integer per pixel with components in high-to-low bit order following the format name. These are the fastest formats, however colour quality is visibly lower.


enumerator mir_pixel_format_invalid
enumerator mir_pixel_format_abgr_8888
enumerator mir_pixel_format_xbgr_8888
enumerator mir_pixel_format_argb_8888
enumerator mir_pixel_format_xrgb_8888
enumerator mir_pixel_format_bgr_888
enumerator mir_pixel_format_rgb_888
enumerator mir_pixel_format_rgb_565
enumerator mir_pixel_format_rgba_5551
enumerator mir_pixel_format_rgba_4444
enumerator mir_pixel_formats