Class Zone

Class Documentation

class Zone

A rectangular area of the display. Not tied to a specific output.

Public Functions

Zone(Rectangle const &extents)

Create a new zone with the given extents.

Zone(Zone const &other)

Makes a copy of the underlying private data.

Zone &operator=(Zone const &other)

Copies private data by value.

auto operator==(Zone const &other) const -> bool

Returns true only if all properties including IDs match.

auto is_same_zone(Zone const &other) const -> bool

Returns if true if zone IDs match, even if extents are different.

auto extents() const -> Rectangle

The area of this zone in global display coordinates.

void extents(Rectangle const &extents)

Set the extents of this zone Does not make this a different zone.

auto id() const -> int

An arbitrary number that uniquely identifies this zone, reguardless of how it is resized and moved.


Since MirAL 3.6