Class DisplayConfiguration

Class Documentation

class DisplayConfiguration

Enable display configuration. The config file (miral::MirRunner::display_config_file()) is located via the XDG Base Directory Specification. Vis: ($XDG_CONFIG_HOME or $HOME/.config followed by $XDG_CONFIG_DIRS)


Since MirAL 2.4


From MirAL 3.8 will monitor the configuration file or, if none found, for the creation of a file in $XDG_CONFIG_HOME or $HOME/.config. Changes to this file will be reloaded. In addition, the selected layout may be overridden using a corresponding file: display_config_file() + “-layout” which will also be monitored and changes reloaded

Public Functions

explicit DisplayConfiguration(MirRunner const &mir_runner)
auto layout_option() -> ConfigurationOption

Provide the default ‘display-layout’ configuration option.

void select_layout(std::string const &layout)

Select a layout from the configuration.

auto list_layouts() -> std::vector<std::string>

List all layouts found in the config file.

void add_output_attribute(std::string const &key)

Enable a custom output attribute in the .display YAML.


Since MirAL 3.8

void operator()(mir::Server &server) const
DisplayConfiguration(DisplayConfiguration const&)
auto operator=(DisplayConfiguration const&) -> DisplayConfiguration&